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Michelle Peller White

Design Philosophy/Mission
As an interior designer my role is to guide my clients to determine their lifestyle and surround them with
an ambiance of sophistication of rich color and textures that gives them balance. Michelle is an
accomplished designer serving Western New York. Michelle’s expertise and creativity is reflected in her
incredible ability to be sensitive to her clients needs. In doing so, she can reflect their style while also
creating the element of the unexpected in their surroundings. Michelle has a unique ability to see the
clients vision, and need for function of the space and bring it together with balance and authentic to
their own style. Michelle is the past President of the IDA, she served four years as President. She has
had various positions on the Board of Directors as Vice President and Secretary. Michelle has led the
IDA in the redesign of the Ronald McDonald House and Kevin Guest House which the design team was
involved in several design projects both in common areas of the mansions and guest bedrooms. The IDA
members work together as a support team to give the families that utilize Ronald McDonald House and
Kevin Guest House a comfortable and happy place to be after a long day with family at the Buffalo local
hospitals. Michelle is the current Charitable Chair for IDA and sits on the Advisory Board for the Interior
Design Department at Villa Maria College.

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