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Diana Augspurger

Design Philosophy/Mission
Let's simplify your life by creating an organized system for storing the elements key to everyday living. This is achieved through a personal interview and assessment of existing space. Function is considered first and foremost. Then, how do we make it a beautiful addition to your home.

Area of Expertise
Our custom cabinetry is manufactured right here in Buffalo. We offer space planning for all areas of the home and office. Talk to us about your clothes closets, pantry, laundry, garage, basement. Our inventive use of materials maximizes even the most difficult spaces. We have a broad array of products making systems affordable for any budget. Visit our home organization retail store which has several full size vignettes and displays of all the options we offer.  While there, check out our complete line of Murphy Wall Beds.


634 Linden Ave. Buffalo, NY 14216

(716) 871-1474

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